What Is Cannolis4Kids?

In 2018, we created a one-day event in August to help raise funds for Montreal's three children's hospitals in conjunction with the International Cup Kids playing for Kids soccer tournament. ( The idea is simple. On one day in late summer, DelMonaco (Italian bakery) backed by generous corporate sponsors will match funds for every dollar spent on the purchase of regular or mini cannolis. 

Where does the money go?

For every $1 spent on cannoli products at DelMonaco on Cannolis4kids day, at least $1 is split between the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation, the Sainte-Justine Hospital Foundation and the Montreal Shriner's Hospital. 

What is the ICKPK?

The International Cup Kids Playing for Kids is a Montreal-based charity soccer tournament held every September. It is for local-level teams only and takes on the format of the World Cup whereby teams each represent a country playing for the World Cup. Anthems and ceremony as well as team jerseys and flags are part of every game as well as opening and closing ceremonies.

When's the next Cannolis4Kids?

Cannolis4Kids will next be held on Thursday, September 2nd, 2021

How much has this event raised?

In 2018, we raised $3,196.65

In 2019, we raised $5,345.85

In 2020, we raised $1,281.00 (COVID affected)

In 2021, we raised $4,324.45

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